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Welcome to Zen Ambience

Zen Ambience is dedicated to helping everyone around the world by providing meditation music, mindfulness, healing and a way to achieve the balance of Zen. 

Our talented team creates music on a regular basis for Relaxation, Sleep, Meditation, Healing, Study, Yoga, Reiki, Music Therapy, Chakra, to Beat Anxiety and Zen. Zen Ambience instrumental music includes relaxing cello, harp, flute & Guitar music along with relaxing sounds of water and nature. 


If you want to relax, detox from a stressful life, strengthen your immune system, enjoy better sleep, be able to focus better or simply would like to unwind & meditate after a long day, this website and our music is your perfect assistant. 


We hope you live a better, fuller, happier life by benefiting from our site & our meditation music. 

Youtube Videos

Our Youtube channel

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Our Youtube Channel features a wide verity of meditation music ranging from Tibetan Singing Bowls to Flute Music with calming sounds of nature to meditation music based on solfeggio frequencies. 

No matter what type of meditation music you like listening to, we have it or hoping to have it in the future. Suggestions are always welcome