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Solfeggio Frequencies - Sound Healing At Its Best

Sound healing has emerged as one of the most sought out methods of healing in recent times. This is not at all surprising given how we have always been aware of the power of sounds over our psychological state. When you listen to relaxing music, you can't help but feel calm. When you listen to some happy and upbeat music, you can't help but feel upbeat. We all know this by experience.

Even people living thousands of years ago knew the effects that different types of sound have on our physical, mental, and emotional states. And so, it's not surprising that different tones have been used throughout the ages to heal various physical and mental ailments. Of these, Solfeggio frequencies are perhaps the most popular ones in modern times.

Introduction To Solfeggio Frequencies

So, what are these frequencies? Well, these are specific tones of sound that have historically been used to promote physical and mental health. Instances of their use can be found both in the western and eastern parts of the world. In the west, these were incorporated in the chants of Gregorian monks, while in the east, these were incorporated in Sanskrit mantras.

Originally, Solfeggio frequencies were a set of six tones. However, today, many more have been added to the mix. What's great is that each particular frequency can be used to heal a particular ailment or aspect of life. Before we move on to the benefits of each of the frequencies, let's first understand the science behind them.

Science Behind Solfeggio Frequencies

The first thing that we need to understand is that everything in the universe is vibrating at its own unique frequency. This is why many scientists like to call our universe a symphony.

When it comes to us humans, the atoms in our bodies are also vibrating at their own frequencies. And as long as they stay in their natural state, everything goes on smoothly. But the moment something or someone disrupts that natural state, things begin unraveling.

Now, this is what music therapy for stress relief or sound healing is based on. The idea is to bring back the natural frequencies of our physical bodies with specific sounds so that healing can take place. Even if you haven't taken a sound healing session, you might already be aware of this phenomenon. As mentioned above, when you hear music that you can really relate to, you automatically feel good. Behind the scenes, what's happening is that the various frequencies of your favorite song are influencing your entire body in a positive way. Unbeknownst to you, this promotes self-healing, and you end up feeling better.

Benefits of Solfeggio Frequencies

Various scientific studies have been conducted over the years to study if solfeggio frequencies really do have the benefits that people claim. And unsurprisingly, many of them have confirmed what had been known since ancient times. Below, we mention some of the most important benefits of these frequencies.

1) They Help Relieve Suffering

A thesis study found that music and sounds can enhance therapeutic methods to bring about a transformational change in the brain. This not only leads to relieving mental suffering but physical and emotional suffering also. After all, the brain is the control center of the body.

2) They Help Reduce Stress

Another study conducted in 2018 was more specific. It studied the effects of 528 Hz frequency on human emotions. The study concluded that people who listened to this frequency saw a reduction in stress, anxiety, mood fluctuations, and also saw an increase in oxytocin levels (a hormone that makes you feel good).

The anxiety-reduction benefit was seen in another study too. It was published in ACTA Paulista de Enfermagem in 2012 and found that listening to Gregorian chants decreased anxiety levels in mothers of hospitalized children.

3) They Help In Healing And Energizing of Cells

In an intriguing study, it was found that listening to music containing 528 Hz frequencies can reduce the toxic effects of ethanol on human cells (which is the main component of alcoholic drinks). But there is more. It was also found that the cell life increased by about 20 percent after regular listening to this frequency.

Similarly, there are many other benefits that are not yet proven by science but early research is showing promising results. These are mentioned below:

1) They Can Help Remove Fears and Worries

Listening to music tuned to 396 Hz can help you remove subconscious fears and worries. This is especially of relevance in today’s world where many people are inflicted by fears that they are not even aware of. This helps on many levels. One of the most important ones is that it helps clear negative beliefs and sets you on the path of a more successful life. It also helps you feel more uplifted, safe, and secure.

2) They Can Promote Problem Solving

Music tuned to 741 Hz has been found to help with problem-solving. This can be helpful for almost everyone out there - including children, managers, artists, musicians, and more. This frequency is also known to awaken your intuition which further helps in problem-solving.


Due to the growing complexities of life, people are increasingly turning to music therapy or sound healing. Things like meditation music, sound bathing, tuning fork therapy, etc. have seen rapid adoption as a result. This is perhaps why things like solfeggio frequencies have become so popular. People are rediscovering these ancient gems and are using them to improve all aspects of their health.

Solfeggio frequencies are a set of specific tones that have been proven to have healing effects on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. In the last decade or so, research studies have shown the effectiveness of these tones as a complementary therapeutic method. The great thing about these frequencies is that you don’t require a special setup to reap their benefits. All you need is your phone and a pair of earphones. Instilling them in your daily life can keep you mindful, peaceful, healthy, happy, and energetic.


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