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Meditation Music: A Powerful Tool That Everyone Needs

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

In recent times, meditation music has become extremely popular throughout the globe. More and more people from all walks of life are listening to sleep music or relaxing music on YouTube and other platforms. Have you ever wondered what's causing all this surge in interest?

Well, we all know that despite all our technological achievements, promising greater well-being and ease of life, the effects have been quite the opposite. Today, human life is more chaotic and stressful than ever. It's no wonder things like depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, relationship issues, health problems, etc are so rampant these days.

Fortunately, people are increasingly discovering the powerful combination of meditation and music therapy that can turn their lives around for the better.

Why Everyone Needs Meditation Music

Meditation is an ancient practice that acts as a one-stop solution for a lot of problems and challenges plaguing humanity. And by combining the magic of music with it, you can really establish the foundation of a happy, prosperous, peaceful, sane, and fulfilled life. There are actual research studies that prove these benefits. So, without further ado, let's dive right into what makes mediation music so special, and why everyone needs it.

1) Better Stress Relief

Let's start off with the most popular one. By now, you must already know that music and meditation can both help you reduce stress.

You must have experienced how music can divert your mind and help you take a U-turn on your emotions. When you hear some groovy music, you can't help but respond in kind. Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise that music can effectively help you reduce stress. In fact, there’s a growing trend of people going for music therapy for stress relief. If you need a hint of what that feels like, just listen to the video below and experience it for yourself!

The same goes for meditation. There are tons of studies out there that prove the relaxing effects of meditation. So, it only makes sense to combine the two and meditate while listening to some relaxing music. Now, different people like different types of meditation music. So, before diving in, you should first browse around. Once you find a meditation music YouTube channel that just clicks for you, you should listen to it regularly.

2) It Makes Meditation Easier

Beginners can have a difficult time meditating initially. After all, it’s not an easy job silencing your mind when there is an infinite number of distractions all around you. Plus, it’s the nature of the human brain to want to keep jumping from one thought to another. Even research has shown that the cessation of sound can actually initiate a fear response in mammals. Do you see how meditation music can be helpful here?

It allows a person to ease into the world of meditation, especially when they are still new. They can get a feel for all the gentle and serene emotions that one experiences during a session, all without having to be in silence. This is important because it actually helps more and more people adopt meditation into their daily lives, and experience a higher state of well-being.

3) Much Better Sleep

Too many people in the world have sleep troubles owing to their stressed lives. When it becomes too much to handle, most resort to seeing a doctor. These people are often advised to practice sleep meditation as a complementary therapeutic technique.

There are many ways you can practice this type of meditation. But one of the most effective ways is to listen to some sleep music. Some of the best meditation music YouTube channels have a ton of carefully crafted meditation music that can help you slowly drift off. One such example is this soothing rain sound to help you transition into a deep sleep.

There is compelling evidence today that music can help you sleep much better. Many people have experienced tremendous improvement in their insomnia simply by nodding off to some relaxing tunes. Not only that, they have reported much better sleep quality… meaning that they wake up feeling fresher and more energized than ever. You might have already experienced these effects for yourself too.

4) It Can Help You Heal and Relieve Pain

Pain is a natural part of life. Having a biological body ensures that we feel pain from time to time. This could be a result of an accident, a disease, a disorder, or anything else. Although the human body is quite capable of healing itself, there are times when we need to aid that healing process. Usually, ointments and supplements are prescribed to that end.

But doctors have known for a while that music can help a person heal faster. This is why it is often included in the rehabilitation programs of patients. Also, meditation music can also be used to get relief from pain. A study in The Lancet stated, “listening to music before, during, or after a surgical procedure is beneficial to patients and can significantly reduce pain and anxiety, and decrease the need for pain medication.”

5) It Helps Improve Immunity

Your immunity can get compromised due to a whole host of factors. Therefore, it’s quite important to take steps to constantly improve your immunity, especially in light of the current pandemic. One way to do that is by listening to meditation music regularly.

In a widely cited study, it was found that meditators had increased levels of antibodies when exposed to the flu virus. In another study, it was discovered that music listeners have a higher number of natural killer cells. These are the cells that help fight infections. Naturally, when you combine the two, you get a powerful tool that can help you improve your immune system considerably.











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